Services - Real Estate

From our company’s real estate portfolio, we can offer you prime development land as well as new developments, with unbeatable return on investments, in the most attractive, tourist locations of Albania. But besides offering you transactional property services, we can also assist you with all legal and benefits support, particularly for larger projects and investments. Our professional team will gladly demonstrate our capabilities in gaining all the necessary permits, documentation, approvals as well as concessions (if available) for your projects.

We are also engaged in property leasing on behalf of our clients, and can in addition offer you the following services:

  • Professional consultancy services in the Property Sector
  • Property transactions (sale, lease and rental)
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation, legalisation and property registration
  • Evaluations
  • Property legal services
  • Listing and marketing services
  • Development and construction management and supervision

In order to provide you with transparent and secure transactions and on-time project completion, we have established strong ties and good working relationships with:

  • Valuators
  • Attorneys
  • Project bureaus
  • Developers
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