Services - Business Consultancy

Our sheer experience to date, managing various investment and business project in the Republic of Albania, has empowered us to provide tactical, strategic business consultancy services that are the primary requirement for the successful completion of any given project. Please allow us to briefly describe our Business Consultancy offering:

  • Consultancy and liaison in large-scale national projects and concessions
  • Market research

Consultancy and liaison in large-scale national projects and concessions
A very lucrative and highly competitive investment sector, the National Concession Projects are also tightly controlled and subject to numerous and complex laws and regulations that require significant research as well as quality information and recommendations, in order to yield the desired results and outcome. The team at Europa Albania 007 can professionally guide you through the entire process of any given project, with quality consultancy and recommendation during the entire procedure.

Market research
Through careful and directional market research, corporations can minimize or offset many risks and more importantly, use the gained results for a more focused market activity. Ongoing market research has become a norm in all western economies and is increasingly becoming a norm in Albania as well. Our company has a long experience in conducting the most complex and business-sensitive market research projects, and we now offer our services to our valued clientele.

Gathering information through various mediums and media, we collect valuable market feedback from many different sources, including direct interviews with the target audience. Our business intelligence services can therefore bring you greater stability and confidence in your strategic business decision-making and corporate development.

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